Lightning Pay

LMTS wants to pay you fast. You did the job and you deserve your money quickly.

If you FedEx your bills to us with a completed return FedEx label we will return your check the day we receive it at no extra charge!

Lightning Pay Instructions

  1. Make and keep photocopies of bills of lading
  2. Put originals in a FedEx mailer
  3. Put a copy of the rate confirmation in the mailer
  4. Put a pre-addressed pre-paid FedEx label in the envelope with you FedEx billing # (write down the tracking #)
  5. Send to:

                   L&M Transportation Services, Inc.
                   2925 Huntleigh Drive, Suite 104
                   Raleigh, NC 27604
                   (800) 632-3030

Keep a copy of the bills of lading, rate confirmation and tracking numbers for you records.