LMTS Nursery Division Load Opportunities and Business (2/7/17)

LMTS' nursery divisions are ramping up into the 2017 nurseries season. Please get in touch with one of our nursery division offices for more information:

Chester, SC (803-789-3330)
Contact Eddie, Johnnie or Lisa at LMTS' Nursery Division Chester office for details on all the nursery ship sites and equipment requirements for new opportunities in Chester.

Jacksonville, FL (904-374-4125)
Contact Michelle and Sam at LMTS' Nursery Division Jacksonville, FL office for current loading opportunities along the Florida panhandle, and loads shipping from TN, AL, TX, OK and OR.

Eastern TX (918-207-8930)
Starting March 2017, contact LMTS' newest Nursery Division agent, Mark Shuttlesworth, at his Tyler, TX office. If your trucks are domiciled in East TX or unloading there, Mark might be able to use your vans and reefers with e-track in TX and OK as spring volume builds from Mark’s nursery grower clients.

Furthermore, we are pleased to welcome Johnnie Simpson to our Chester, SC office! Johnnie is a seasoned transportation professional. 2017 will be her second season handling nursery division live plants. Johnnie came to LMTS after several years in marine parts distribution. Lisa Boyd will also be providing seasonal dispatch support for Eddie and Johnnie in Chester this spring.