LMTS Safe Comchek Handling

Comcheks are a convenient and prevalent tool used by the transportation industry to transfer money from brokers to carriers, carriers to drivers, and brokers to drivers. Unfortunately, they are also a frequent target of thieves and scammers, and stolen Comchek funds affect both brokers and carriers alike with headaches and heartaches. Below are five tips to help avoid Comchek theft and misappropriation on the road.

  • If possible, take calls regarding Comcheks in a private place such as the cab of your truck. Anyone overhearing the Comchek number has everything they need to cash the Comchek themselves—authorized or not.
  • Similarly, when writing down a Comchek number, treat this written copy as carefully as you would treat a credit card or bank account number. Anyone who can read or take a picture of this number has access to the funds on the Comchek.
  • Consider asking for the Comchek number to be texted to you instead of given verbally.
  • Use the Comchek as soon as you are able to, or request it only when you are ready to spend the majority of the funds. The longer the Comchek goes unused, the longer you run the risk of someone obtained the number illicitly.
  • Always be wary of scammers proposing Comchek-based transactions at truck stops and gas stations. Any offer of exchanging Comchek numbers for cash or goods directly should be treated with a healthy dose of skepticism.

Remember—once given, Comchek numbers are essentially as good as cash. Be it $50 or $1000, use discretion when handling your Comcheks—and let’s work together to avoid all of us losing our hard-earned money.