LMTS The Transportation Industry in 2017 and Beyond

The 2016 elections have concluded, and many of us are looking ahead to how this will affect the transportation industry in the coming months. There are signs, fortunately, that the industry will remain an important part of our country’s growth and economic development moving forward.

Incoming Presidents and their transition teams often have a laundry list of projects to implement during their first 100 days; one item that appeared on both candidates’ “100 days” list was significant investment into our country’s infrastructure. This includes improvements to our highways, energy grid, and communications systems—all large-scale projects whose equipment and materials will require the hard work of the transportation industry to move and deliver across the nation.

Although the Presidency has since been decided, this article highlights that, even late in the race, such industry-building projects were an important component of both candidate’s platforms: http://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/2016-election-day/first-100-days-clinto...